Enabling India go cashless.

Indians began using mobile phones with "missed calls". Now anyone can make payments with it!

We aim to make transacting without cash easy. As simple as the very first thing we did with mobile phones. Pay with MissCallPay!

Experience with a Demo


Banking for every Indian

No SmartPhone? No Internet? No Problem!

Digital Payment Solution

Anyone can go cashless anywhere in India, be it cities, villages or tribal areas. To use misscallpay people don't need Smartphones or Internet. Nor do they need to learn a new skill.


In places where Internet is unavailable, using Data-Packets in mobile sent & received over voice, allows remote authentication for delegated banking in local language for unbanked


Ultra low-cost Solution

Compared to other solutions available in market currently

User Friendly

Simple ATM like interface for smartphone

Easy Adoption

Can be used with feature phones without upskilling

Simple to Use

Works without Internet or Smartphones